Your First 30 Days

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Want to know more about your first 30 days with us?  Our coaching is designed to take the stress out of starting your “own” business. We have top of the line technology and strategies for success, and we are ready to use them! Your job is to enjoy yourself and bring your unique personality into the work.

To start, we believe in a personal touch. Within 24 hours our welcome team contacts you to ensure you can access our back office tools and to answer any questions. Complimenting this personal phone call you will also get an introduction email and video message from our founders, Mark and Tracy Jarvis. This includes access to the Consultant’s back office site where you will find a library of additional training. In the mail you will receive a welcome kit with brochures and supplies, including a starter pack of products to share with your prospects.

We are vested in your success and our All-Star program has attainable steps and goals for your first 30 days. As sponsors we help you schedule and plan SHARE THE PLAN EVENTS (STP’S) that focuses on your personality and approach to building the business. During the event we coach you on explaining the products to new customers and sharing information about the Zurvita opportunity so you can begin to duplicate. In our founder’s words, “ The big goal is to get six people on the team within 30 days. You enroll two people, and then those two people get two more. That’s it!”

Just don’t forget the “have fun” part. You always need to be yourself, (remember, everyone else is taken J). If you are an introvert and feel more comfortable having a smaller “kitchen table” like gathering, great! If you are more gregarious and enjoy a bigger shindig, that’s great too. The basics are sharing the product and the video. The impact happens when your genuine self and belief in the results gets mixed in!

Personal connection is key to our success. And, when we say “our” we mean your success too! You can feel confident that your customers will be supported in their purchase. Zurvita always calls a customer after they receive their first order. They do this to answer any questions and to partner with you in retaining your business. Technology is needed in today’s marketplace but reminding our clients that we care is crucial to our continued growth and prosperity.

They are important. You are important. The power of one.

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