What if I’m Not Always Grateful? (The Anti-Thanksgiving Blog)

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No, my name is not Verruca and I get that gratitude is the gateway to happiness. But what if the recent pages of my Grateful Journal are ghostly white?

What if I’ve grown weary of being thankful for running water and flushing toilets?

Yes, I know that out of 7 billion inhabitants on planet earth, I am wealthy in comparison, with clean water freely flowing from my tap. Does it make me a bad person if I take the flow for granted and still want more?

There is a social force in America during November to remember our blessings. It is a good feeling to gather with friends and family on Thanksgiving and take stock of all that we have been given. Recalling the basics, like health, family, food and shelter is good for the soul and I’m not discounting remembering the importance of these riches.

We can however, get stuck in the concept of gratefulness vs. being ungrateful. Just like we confuse materialism vs. wasteful consumerism. It is o.k. to want more. Desiring things that can be expensive like travel, stylish clothing, and luxury automobiles is not evil. Money isn’t the root of evil, it isn’t good or bad…it is just a tool. You can be both at peace with what you have right now and at peace with your desire to have more. Needing to remind yourself of today’s blessings is not the same thing as being bitter and ungrateful. And having a desire for something material like a nice car is nothing more than human. You can embrace that desire and at the same time embrace and be grateful for your bike, or your two legs if that is your only mode of transportation.

Having a holiday that reminds us to take stock of what we should be thankful for is lovely but it may be of equal importance to set aside time to sit with the “lack’ in our lives. We can’t move forward if we aren’t aware that we need to move. It is one thing to be grateful and another thing entirely to fool yourself into believing that it is wrong to want better.

Get real with yourself about what is working in your life and what isn’t. We all have different meter settings on the fulfillment scale. What is missing in your life that extra income can provide? Is it a trip this year because last year’s staycation didn’t live up to the social media hype of how fabulous it was going to be? Has the show, Fashion Police, called and offered to do an hour-long special on your closet? Are there community needs you feel drawn to give to, if you only had the resources?

If your reflections bring you to the realization that extra income is a tool you would happily write about in your Gratitude Journal, reach out to us. We can help and we would be grateful to do it!

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