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Success From Home is what we promote and also the name of a publication that recently highlighted “The Power of One” and Zurvita. If you haven’t read the October 2015 issue, and you are interested in working for yourself, send us an email or call us direct and we will send you a FREE COPY. (Alan@AandLMasters.com /530-318-6971.

Published by Success Magazine, it is filled with engaging examples of real life stories of folks utilizing and living the A & L Masters/Zurvita mission. Throughout this month’s issue there are single people, couples and families who all share the dynamic impact that Zeal has had in their lives.

The magazine’s cover story title gets right to the heart of why A & L Masters is dedicated to Zurvita and Zeal. “You Matter.” If you truly believe in yourself and recognize the glorious potential you have to succeed then we will be your biggest cheerleaders. If you are struggling at all with self-doubt, our mission is “to change lives by helping people believe in themselves again.” Once each customer, consultant and employee grasps that they matter, the Power of One creates a ripple effect that can change the world.

More than just highlighting our mission this volume of Success From Home delves into the nuts and bolts of how we are built as a company. It showcases people who have flourished by working the model and applying the company values and gives the reader an opportunity to see many different levels of success. Mark and Tracy Jarvis, Zurvita founders, share the story of the company’s genesis, allowing you to get a clear understanding of the company’s foundation. Feature articles like, “Growing Confidence, One Incentive at a Time,” “Transform Your Health, Your Life,” and “Feel the Zeal Difference,” give you insight into our products and processes.

In addition to the in depth information on our company there are also inspirational articles from Victoria Osteen, Simon Sinek, John C. Maxwell and John Addison. Victoria Osteen’s “Live with Confidence,” is a favorite of ours. She says that, “God is certain of your abilities,” and we couldn’t agree more. The article is about moving past your fears to achieve your goals. It is a great read and the message is a perfect compliment to our vision and quest here at A & L Masters.

We are proud to be highlighted and promoted by the publishers of Success Magazine. We would love to send you a FREE COPY. Just send us an email or call us direct. (Alan@AandLMasters.com /530-318-6971.

In addition to the valuable insightful information there is also a gorgeous spread for fun about vacation cruising in the Caribbean and a “moving forward” message from our founder and C0-CEO and President, Mark Jarvis. Great things are on the horizon for this company. We are excited about the present and even more thrilled with changes on the horizon.

The Caribbean, coincidentally, is where our next incentive trip will be. Who wants to go with us?

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