Spring Cleaning List…Heart, Mind & Spirit

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We are big on fresh starts here at A and L Masters. Leaving corporate America and finding our bliss in sharing Zurvita has given us a feeling of spring every day! And spring is the perfect time to “begin again.”

Most countries around the world have some type of home spring-cleaning tradition. We open the windows, welcome the warmer breezes and chase the dust bunnies out from under the bed. This is also the perfect season to consider cleansing other areas of your life. Our hearts, minds and spirits can become hazy, just like the film covered living room windows, if we don’t take an inventory now and then. While sprucing up your living space, consider these tips for a start at clearing out your own personal cobwebs!

Your Heart

We pride ourselves on rationally thinking through our decisions but truly we are emotional beings. Because feelings count in every choice we make, getting in touch with your heart and feelings is crucial to succeeding.

  1. Try free journaling on any areas where you feel “stuck.” You don’t have to be a poet laureate here…you don’t even have to write complete sentences. Just start writing words that describe how you feel and see where it goes. You may be surprised to find more emotional clutter than you suspected and articulating your feelings on paper will make the feelings more manageable.
  2. Forgive yourself first for any faults and or mistakes. The airplane analogy of putting the oxygen mask on yourself first before you can help any other passengers works here too. Cleaning up our heart often requires forgiving others for past grievances, but you need to start with yourself.

Your Mind

How do you feed your intellect? Is there some element of learning built into your weekly schedule?

  1. Breathe…unless you have fully mastered meditation, then in that case skip ahead and ignore this tip. Most of us will agree that meditation is good for our minds but many of us have a difficult time sitting still for twenty minutes. So honestly, just breathe. Even siting quietly for a few minutes each day, focusing on quiet deep breathing will benefit your cognitive abilities.
  2. Plan one or two T.V. free evenings a week. Read a book, watch a TED talk, take a class, or go to one of those Sip Wine and Pretend to Paint studios. The list is endless…just do something positive that is outside of your regular routine. Anything challenging helps to carve out new neural pathways that are important for staving off dementia and general mental arthritis.

Your Spirit

Wherever your spiritual center is, don’t neglect It. Just like anything good in life; developing a deeper spiritual connection with God takes effort. Our spirit is the host of our mind and body, yet we seem to be the most disconnected from it. No matter how you define your spirit, it is a tangible energetic force and the ways to nurture it are the same.

  1. Pray…releasing your cares and concerns to a higher power is healthy for you and healthy for the universe. Bottling things up and pretending we have all the answers does no one any good. Releasing the ego in a pure invocation allows for healing and opens up a space for solutions to enter.
  2. Connect with others. We are here for each other…or at least we should be. After you’ve done you internal spring-cleaning, look for a way to connect with the community. Call an old friend you haven’t made time for in ages. Join a service club or look for local volunteer opportunities in your town. Our spirits are buoyed and uplifted by the company and laughter of others. Make it a point to spread your joy around! The benefits of connecting with each other create a complete circle…good for me, good for you, good for me, good for you…You get the picture!

So break out those internal feather dusters and get going!

Happy Spring!

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