Focus on Functional Food

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Are you eating a healthy well balanced diet and still not feeling first-string? If so, you are not alone. Current farming and agricultural practices are not focused on keeping nutrient levels high. Soils are often depleted and the addition of herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics and growth hormones all deeply affect the quality of the end food product. The nutrient density in our fruits, vegetables and meat sources is determined in the growing and raising phase…and let’s face it; farming is not as wholesome as it once was.

So the food arrives on our plate depleted and then we amplify the lack of nutrients with our stressed out lives. Most American’s admittedly are not getting enough sleep; that coupled with intense work schedules and not enough exercise creates an unhappy digestive tract. Unhappy in the sense, your gut doesn’t absorb the needed nutrients from food. This non-absorption may be the reason so many people are becoming more prone to allergies, eczema, other skin irritations, gas, bloating and mental fog. Stress of any kind can actually shut down the digestive tract.

In addition to “living life stress” there are environmental toxins causing stress we have absolutely no control over. Not only the pesticides directly sprayed on our crops, but the air and water pollution chemical compounds with “oxin” names we can’t even pronounce.

We’re in agreement that we should manage our stress levels better and make healthy eating choices every day. Knowing that three meals a day will not be nutrient dense enough to fill our needs, we should be focusing on functional foods as much as possible. Functional foods are foods or food components that provide a health benefit beyond basic nutrition; an example is oatmeal because it contains soluble fiber that can help lower cholesterol levels. Another is soy, a high quality protein believed to play preventative and therapeutic roles in heart disease, cancer and osteoporosis. While it is becoming more and more important to choose your food wisely you also need to consider a healthy, whole food nutrition, supplement. Supplements become even more crucial if you are on a low calorie diet. Think about it, if foods are already lacking in nutritional value, and your body is busy dealing with stress, how can you get what you need if you are eating less?

The doctors on our panel of advisers recommend Zeal as a functional food. Zeal is balanced nutrition, and can be an excellent tool in a weight loss management program. Dr. Scott Van Lue recommends Zeal as his number one choice for a functional food concentrate every day. He says, “Take Zeal daily for all your healthy tomorrows.”

Helping others get healthy, both physically and financially continues to bring us joy and enrich our lives. We are proud and excited that Zeal is being recognized, as a much needed functional food. Check out the short video from Dr. Van Lue for an endorsement straight from a nutritional expert!

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