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We were recently asked a few questions about what we do for a living and why we are re-branding our company and wanted to share our thoughts on this with you here:

What does A & L Masters do?

A & L Masters, formerly Z Force International, is a Direct Sales and Marketing Organization. Serving the public since 1998, we have been training and mentoring hundreds of people, helping them achieve financial independence and giving them complete control over the hours in their day and over their destiny.

Creating a brand tells a story. Re-branding can communicate a clearer message of your mission. Z-Force International allowed you financial independence and the physical freedom to truly enjoy life. What are some highlights of your journey and how do you see A & L Masters building out from that foundation?

In March of 2000 we were in Houston, TX teaching our Success System and had a chance to attend Lakewood Church, home to Joel and Victoria Osteen. Leanne was raised Catholic and I Lutheran but neither of us is religious or were, quote/unquote, “following God”. During that service we were so moved we accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. We both grew and changed in a profound way. We were so excited about the future that we actually picked up and moved from Lake Tahoe to Houston for three years.

Our company exploded in the following years as our business model attracted people from all walks of life. Our business became our ministry as we saw it greatly enhance the lives of others. This may sound a bit strange to some but we know in our hearts that this was the REAL beginning and the cornerstone of our success today.

While helping to build two very successful companies, we rose to the top in each by focusing our energy on people with a dream of having a more productive, active, and meaningful life. People motivated to step forward toward achieving their dreams. We feel grateful everyday to provide the tools needed to manifest “dreams come true.”

This journey has provided us with wealth, contentment and the security that having money brings but the real joy has come from seeing other people win in ways that they may have never even dreamed of before. Having what we do every day be a ministry to others; watching their lives change has been amazing! The friendships and relationships we have formed within these transformations make up our extended family.

We’ve been blessed to help dozens of people work from home PART TIME and replace full time incomes and achieve true TIME FREEDOM! We have also seen countless people increase their income and improve their existence on a Part Time Basis adding a few hundred or a few thousand to their bottom line. And, we’ve absolutely jumped for joy and been so proud of the Ambassadors in our organization today that have reached levels of income exceeding $800,000 a year. These people have duplicated our Success System and have truly set themselves free! The feelings we have for them and their success are almost indescribable. We love and appreciate them so much because together we are helping to change the world one person at a time. The power of one person making a decision can affect the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

Great brands solve problems; they “come to the rescue” in areas where people need help. How can A &L Masters come to the rescue?

If you could see my face and hear me right now you’d be laughing because I am too. This is a great question but we don’t see ourselves as heroes. We have come to understand that our success started with effort but flourished because of the message of HOPE that we deliver. Literally ANYONE who decides to join us, who plugs into what we teach and then, never quits or give up on themselves, can WIN! It is 100% about the message, not about the messengers!

At the beginning of our success we made a decision that only we could make. We took action to improve ourselves in many areas of life; business and relationship skills, mental and physical fitness, spiritual awareness, etc. Then we found a company that offered a Success System for business that translated perfectly into Life. As we grew in both we attracted others that wanted what they began to see in us.

By continuing to grow as people and teach our Success System Philosophies, others naturally began to duplicate and evolve in it themselves. They became the Messengers. Our mentors “rescued” us by first exposing us, not just to a better way of making a living, but to a better way of living our lives. Of course there were challenges as we stretched and grew but our mentors never gave up on us, even in moments when we were close to giving up ourselves.

Our commitment is the same to the people who choose to join together and work with us. We start by helping them visualize a better way and then we guide and mentor them along their personal journey to success.

There are said to be five main types of brand personalities: excitement, sincerity, ruggedness, competence and sophistication. Do any of those describe A & L Masters?

We see a portion of all of these in our “Brand”. With financial and time freedom one can make their life as exciting as they wish. It’s different for each person. In our case we live in what we think is the best place on the planet, Lake Tahoe! We ski, bike, hike, boat, ride motor cycles, go 4 wheeling, enjoy world class entertainment, and entertain friends from all around the world at our home right next to Heavenly Ski Resort. We’re blessed to have traveled all over the US and many places internationally like the Caribbean, Mexico, Canada, Tahiti, Japan, and Europe.

When you get to know us you’ll quickly realize that “what you see is what you get.” We will always tell you the truth as we see it and we are committed to helping you make decisions that are in your best interest, regardless of how it may affect us. We “clean up” pretty well and can mingle with the sophisticated crowd when needed but we’re both pretty down to earth and look at ourselves as ordinary people. Ordinary with huge dreams and goals that is!

In this business you become rugged. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “ When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” In our business one either works through the obstacles by turning them into their reason for succeeding or they don’t. For those who do get on this path and never quit; they become stronger, more competent in business and life, more balanced, and more humble in the process…GUARANTEED!

Re-branding is an exciting time for a company. Some companies totally re-create themselves and others change logos or names in order to streamline their message…if you had to choose one message that comes across loud and clear from this change what would it be?

“That our Life’s’ journey has given us complete confidence that we can help guide anyone through the challenges our business brings and become successful both financially and in life.” Seriously, if we can do this so can anyone that DECIDES to! We’re no different.   If you will take one step toward your success, we will take two with you! The power of one person making a decision can alter history! Together we change your life for the better!

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