6 Important Tips for Keeping Your Remote Team Engaged

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In our business team members can work anywhere at anytime. This freedom and autonomy is a benefit of working for a direct sales and marketing company but the geographic distance of the team members can make it difficult to keep everyone motivated and engaged. We pride ourselves on excellent coaching and we enjoy this business the most when our team members are not only successful but feel they are an integral part of the team.

To be successful all members of team AandLMasters must have self-discipline and be inspired, or self-motivated. As you build your own team you will need to be flexible and creative in keeping your team members engaged. Here is a list of 6 tips that will light up your path to success.

Focus on Functional Food

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Are you eating a healthy well balanced diet and still not feeling first-string? If so, you are not alone. Current farming and agricultural practices are not focused on keeping nutrient levels high. Soils are often depleted and the addition of herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics and growth hormones all deeply affect the quality of the end food product. The nutrient density in our fruits, vegetables and meat sources is determined in the growing and raising phase…and let’s face it; farming is not as wholesome as it once was.